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Last Mother’s Day was spent packing boxes and moving most of our stuff into storage – good times! The following day, demolition began on our house to kick off a major project we had been cooking up all winter long. We are finally getting close to moving back in after months and months of work being done!

Once our third kiddo was on the scene, we knew we needed more space – we loved our house it was just getting tight. We debated for a long time whether to stay and try to rearrange that space or find something else. We wanted to stay in our cozy little neighborhood and we wanted to find another old home. I don’t think I’ve ever lived in anything built past the early 1900’s.

Along came a circa 1912 American Four Square just a few blocks away. We walked through and could see that the house had really great bones. High ceilings, circular floor plan, leaded glass, nice old oak floors and woodwork, and the perfect layout to add an addition to gain the extra living and working space that we needed.

I didn’t do too much while we were there last winter but I did go through several gallons of white paint covering up some old sponge paint in the living and dining rooms. I was itching to paint more but didn’t since so many walls were coming down anyhow to replace old electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

Some before pics (phone pics excuse quality!):

We have been doing some stuff ourselves along the way. A lot of demo, and we are rehabbing the kitchen as well. Our nephew has done a lot of demo for us, and we put our 8 year old to work pulling down an old drop ceiling in his future bedroom. He loved it! Photos are phone pics from my hubby:

I’ll be doing more posts of the overall process. In addition to working on these existing rooms, we built a 3 story addition off the back of the house. More to come!

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Anonymous / Part 1.

Usually you’ll find me photographing daily life, kids and dogs. Families. Fun. Relationships. But I have another love: the streets of Chicago. When the stars align and I find time, I go downtown to wander and take pictures. No intention or plan, just whatever strikes me as interesting. It’s so relaxing and freeing. No restrictions, no pressure, no expectations, and every time I notice something new.

For several years now, my street images have been mostly just sitting on my hard drive gathering dust. I have printed a few, and some have done well in juried exhibits. I started to get requests for prints and canvases. I thought it was finally time to put some of  my favorite images into a specific and purposeful collection. To tell a story, but which story? Scanning over my images, a common theme emerged.

I’m going to share this project across a few blog posts, starting with these five images.

“You can be alone too in the city streets, among the crowds. We are all alone.”

~Frederick Lenz 

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Yesterday was my littlest’s second day of preschool. A little rockier than the first. Her first day she was so excited and everything was so new. I wondered how she’d do the next time. When we picked her up she was a little teary eyed but still laughed telling us about the dance party she had that morning.

We’ll see how next week goes for her. She’s just so used to being in the wild.

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Summer is over for us in a sense, because school has already started. So August is always a bittersweet month because we try to squeeze every last drop of sunshine and summer out of it while also preparing for the fall and starting school.

Here’s a shot from the very first day of August, we went out in search of a blueberry farm in southwestern Michigan. It was a success and my two youngest had a blast picking blueberries. This shot is pretty typical, my little blondie is always running about 50 paces ahead of me at all times. One of the few pictures from this day that isn’t of the back of her head as she runs away…

Continue around our blog circle to see what my buddy Adele has been up to in Colorado!



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